We treat the intervertebral hernia L5-S1 at home


Spinal hernia can be cured at home

Based on real life experience!


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Only your personal doctor prescribes a treatment plan for spinal hernia! Please contact your doctor!

I just told here about my experience in the treatment of spinal hernia at home.

Disc herniation



You can get rid of the intervertebral hernia without surgery!


How I treated herniated disc at home

By the specifics of the work, I often had to endure various burdens. I could not even imagine that when lifting heavy loads incorrectly, I was overloading my spine more and more, which resulted in aching lower back pain when turning and bending.

I myself am not a fan of going to doctors and I always pull a visit to him "to the last." In the evenings, at home, he rubbed his lower back with various ointments, and his wife gave injections with painkillers.

And even when he shot his back for the first time at work, he was also treated with salve ointments. I reached the point that one morning I could not straighten at all and in that * pose the washerwoman * had to go to the hospital. It was in 2012.

The doctors examined me immediately, had an MRI scan and the image showed the presence of a median hernia of the 8mm L5-S1 disc and two protrusions of the L3-4 and L4-5 discs.

I was quickly drawn into the room and immediately put on a drip of a mixture of different drugs. Three days later he made a “blockade” - an injection in the lumbar spine, where there was a hernia.

A few days later made another, and from the third I refused - any chemicals harmful to the body.

Lower Back completely stopped hurting and I was overjoyed that escaped the surgery. And on the day of discharge, exactly 10 days, as in "Murphy's law", suddenly, there was a nagging pain on the right side of the hip, from the waist and to the feet.

I asked the doctor: "Why leg pulled?" He gave a sheet with the exercises, wrote a list of medicines and said: “will Be worse – don't know the way!”

The house didn’t feel better either - the pain in the leg only intensified, and without painkillers it was generally difficult to walk. Gradually, my right foot weakened and sagged, and I walked slapping my foot like a goose.

To see whether the foot sagged or not, you can do this: become knees on the chair and turning back, we look at the position of the sore foot.

And after some time the pain also appeared in the left leg - my hernia spread to both sides, squeezing the other nerve. From this state of mind, panic began - what to do, how and how to be treated?

I understood that painkillers could not be cured - this was not for long. Thoughts have already helpfully offered to go back to the hospital, but the fear of the operation and its possible consequences turned out to be stronger.

And then I firmly decided - I will do everything, but get rid of the lumbar hernia without surgery! Inspired by this thought, I began to look for any information on the treatment of intervertebral hernia L5 – S1.

I rummaged through a bunch of information in magazines, books, on the Internet. I studied the list of exercises that the doctor gave, and as I later found out - these were exercises from yoga to twist the spine “Crocodile.”

Every day I did hard exercises, plus added exercises from "VIDEO"

For treatment of all other diagnoses and hernia prolapse, contact a specialist: neurologist, vertebrologist or neurosurgeon! Your doctor will choose the right set of exercises and medication for you!

My treatment for a lumbar hernia dragged on for a long time, and all because I did not pay due attention to the spine in a timely manner - "reached the last!"

By the way, if you do not start doing the exercises in a timely manner, then the spinal nerve will be pinched by the hernia longer and the conduction of nerve impulses in the pinched nerve will only worsen and later it will be completely impossible to restore it completely. As a result, there will be a feeling of numbness in the thigh or 2-3 toes. This is not fatal, but there is some discomfort.

Honestly, there were days when any desire to do business simply disappeared - the pain didn’t go away, but on the contrary, there were frequent and severe exacerbations.

At such moments from despair and pain, thoughts arose to quit treatment and have surgery. And in the morning, taking painkillers, he continued to do exercises with renewed vigor.

And only after five months of daily activities, the long-awaited healing suddenly came - the pain disappeared! There was still fear in my thoughts for some time, but what if I get up tomorrow and again there will be pain, backache or worse - exacerbation?

But a week, month, year passed - the pain in the lower back never appeared! And now I firmly know that intervertebral hernia can be treated even at home!

For this you need only a great desire, self-discipline and faith in healing!
And let my example serve you as an additional incentive in the treatment of spinal hernia!

In fairness, I want to note that I didn’t do an MRI, because I don’t see the need, with very good health, to spend money on this, which, as everyone knows, is never superfluous.


What is the treatment principle?

Everyone who is reading this page is interested in one question: "How to get rid of pain and hernia faster?"

I will answer for myself this way: spiral exercises from the Crocodile yoga helped me, a list of which was given to me by the neurosurgeon after discharge, for the option of losing my hernia, and daily spinal traction.

On the Internet I met a lot of information, where they write that it is strictly forbidden to twist! If you can’t do it, don’t! It was these exercises from yoga that helped me to heal personally!
Stretching the spine at home

To quickly get rid of pain and hernia, you need to stretch the spine as often as possible, and especially after each twisting exercise.

I did stretching and twisting at home - calmly, without haste, listening to the inner sensations in the lower back and stretching out arms and legs as much as possible, as in the picture.

Therefore, only exercises and stretching of the spine can get rid of pain and hernia if they are performed 2-3 times a day. And it is advisable to do one complex just before bedtime.

If the hernia is large in size - from 6mm or more, then you should not count on a quick cure. Here you need to have patience, endurance and do therapeutic exercises daily. It may take several months for treatment - the result is worth it, believe me!

When the pain disappeared, then in the future I tried not to overload the spine, and if I had to lift weights or sit at the computer for a long time, I would wear an orthopedic corset.

During the breaks, I shot it, otherwise the back muscles can weaken even more. Gradually, the need for a corset disappeared - the disc herniation either dried up or was absorbed by the body itself.

And still a couple of times a week I always do the whole complex of exercises, but already for the prevention and maintenance of the spine in good shape. The effect of these exercises is remarkable - the spine becomes mobile and flexible.


Here is a plan for my vertebral hernia treatment

I want to warn you right away - this is not an advertisement for a treatment method! Treatment is prescribed by your attending physician, be sure to consult with him! Because each person has prolapse and hernia of different sizes, as well as his own special organism!

And only you yourself can determine what suits your body and what causes discomfort!

I just want to share information - what I did and how I did it, to get rid of severe pulling pain in both legs and lower back. And if you decide to check for yourself this method of treatment, then please read everything very carefully!

He began gymnastics classes with a mandatory ball massage of the entire back and especially the lower back, and only then did twisting exercises! How to do back massage with a ball - described in detail below.

What is this for? By doing this exercise, you massage the muscles and ligaments near the vertebrae, while their blood supply increases, and they already diffusely nourish the vertebrae and the disk itself with blood.

After such a massage with a ball, all back muscles are washed and warmed up and twisting exercises become as effective as possible and the pain passes faster.

COUNTRY EXERCISES did smoothly and without jerking. Below is a video that clearly shows how to properly execute them. If it was not possible to do all the exercises at once, he did only those that did not cause severe pain. Gradually he added one of the difficult exercises and worked until he began to easily complete the whole complex.


"Crocodile" twisting exercises

Spiral gymnastics

Crocodile exercises are an excellent preventative complex that can be successfully performed at home.

When performing twisting exercises, the muscular system of the lumbar spine is significantly strengthened, the mobility of the joints and vertebrae is significantly increased.

Spiral twisting has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and proper blood flow to the organs and tissues, power is restored to the vertebrae, which leads to the regeneration of intervertebral disks.

Crocodile doing prophylactic or as complex to fix the outcome of therapy. Also exercises provide significant benefits, if they perform in remission.


Rules for the execution of the complex

You can do it at any convenient time, the main thing is that classes should not be immediately after a meal, but two hours before or after eating.

For the correct implementation of the entire complex, you must first learn the technique of spiral twisting, to study the entire sequence of these movements.

Performing exercises does not endure hustle and bustle, all movements should be smooth and slow, at a measured pace, to carefully work out the muscles and ligaments of the lumbar spine.

To perform the exercise the recommended number of times - do not try to do it through strength. Each person is individual and execution tactics are selected taking into account his physical capabilities.

Do first only those exercises that are especially easy for you, and only then add one “difficult” exercise.

In the process of training, it is important not to forget - turning the case in a spiral in one direction, turning your head in the opposite direction - this is the main rule on which the result depends.

It is quite natural that upon completion of a properly performed charge for several days, unpleasant manifestations are felt in the form of aching pain and slight discomfort. Usually they pass themselves in 4-5 days.

Important! If the pain symptoms last for more than 7 days and their intensity increases, this is an occasion to interrupt the workout and seek the advice of your doctor.

Only during daily training are skills and endurance acquired. The effect of treatment is achieved by systematic and perseverance!

These exercises are successfully used to treat osteochondrosis, prolapse of the disc (protrusion) and intervertebral hernia.

For healthy people, spiral gymnastics is useful for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

All exercises are performed lying on the back and are repeated seven times in each direction.

Before doing twisting exercises, you need to warm up your back muscles by massaging it with a tennis ball

Exercise # 1

Arms to the sides, legs straightened, heels on the floor. Spiral rotation of the spine. Raise the right thigh, turn the head to the right, feet to the left. Turn the other way. During the rotation of the head, it is necessary to simultaneously rotate the feet in the opposite direction, while raising the thigh.

Exercise # 2

Hands to the sides. The straightened left leg is put on the right. Spiral left. Turn your head to the right. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 3

Hands to the sides. The straightened right leg is put on the left. Spiral left. Turn your head to the right. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 4

Hands to the sides. Straighten both legs. Put the heel of the left foot on the fingers of the right foot. Spiral left. Turn your head to the right. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 5

Hands to the sides. Straighten both legs. Put the heel of the right foot on the fingers of the left foot. Spiral left. Turn your head to the right. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 6

Hands to the sides. Put the ankle of the bent left leg onto the patella of the straightened right leg. Spiral turn to the right. Turn your head to the left. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 7

Hands to the sides. Put the ankle of the bent right leg onto the patella of the straightened left leg. Spiral left. Turn your head to the right. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 8

Hands to the sides. Spread your legs wide apart by bending them at the knees. Place your feet flat on the floor. We bend the right knee to the left, inward, touching the floor. Turn your head to the right. Turn the left knee to the right, inward, touching the floor. Turn your head to the left.

Exercise # 9

Hands to the sides. Bend your legs, bringing your knees and feet together. Spiral left. Turn your head to the right. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 10

Hands to the sides. Pull the left leg to the body. Put the ankle of the bent right leg slightly below the patella of the left leg. Keeping the position of the legs, perform a spiral turn to the left. Turn your head to the right. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 11

Hands to the sides. Pull the right leg to the torso. Put the ankle of the bent left leg slightly below the patella of the right leg. Holding the position of the legs, perform a spiral turn to the right. Turn your head to the left. Turn the other way.

Exercise # 12

Hands to the sides. Keep your knees and feet together. Tear both legs off the floor and pull them to the stomach. Spiral left. Turn your head to the right. Turn the other way.


Advanced exercises

After completing the entire set of exercises, it is advisable to stretch and relax the muscles of the lumbar region.

Spinal curl

Lying on your back, left arm to the side, bend your left leg at the knee, pull it to your stomach and put on your right leg, as in the picture. With your right hand, push the knee to the floor. Lie relaxed for a minute - two, do not tear off shoulders from the floor. Repeat this exercise with the other leg. At first, you may not be able to do this exercise, so do not try to press hard with your hand, feel the muscles of the lower back and hips stretch. The main thing is to do everything slowly and carefully!


Stretching the entire spine "Rolling"

Spine traction - roll

Squat, with both hands press your knees to your chest, your back will be rounded. Lean back, as in the picture. Knees should be tightly pressed to the chest, do not relax your hands! Roll backward - forward 2 - 3 times, until you get comfortable with this exercise. The number of repetitions of such movements is at your request, but at least 6-8 times.


Lumbar stretching exercise

Stretching the lumbar

Found another great exercise. True, it is complex, but very effective. Performing it, all the muscles and ligaments in the lumbosacral spine are stretched.

In the supine position, we cross our legs as in the picture. With both hands we grab the thigh of the right leg and pull it towards you very slowly and carefully. You will feel how all the muscles and ligaments of the left thigh and buttocks are stretched. Change the position of the legs. The muscles on the right side of the lower back will stretch.

From the first try, do not try to stretch your muscles very much, but just first learn the technique of this exercise. It will be difficult for people who not a flat stomach.

When the back pain decreases, you can already gently stretch the lumbar. Slowly and carefully pulled a hip on itself - the muscles pulled tight - froze in this position for 10 - 30 seconds, relaxed. Changed the position of the legs and again stretch 10 - 30 seconds.

Daily performing it in a single complex with other exercises, the clamped and spasmodic muscles in the lower back will gradually stretch and the pain will pass faster. The main thing is not to rush and do the exercise very, very slowly to avoid injuries to the ligaments and muscles!

Options for spinal traction

Spinal traction

Spiral gymnastics is the basis of the whole complex of treatment. The author of the video (exercise "Crocodile") periodically relaxes the back with a sharp straightening of the legs.

Together with relaxation, I still stretched the vertebrae like this: I extended my arms upward over my head, my legs were straight - like in the picture. At the same time he extended his right arm and right leg, then immediately his left arm and left leg. It turns out that you wriggle like a snake.

It is necessary to stretch honestly and strongly - until the moment when you feel how the muscles in the lower back are stretched. In this position, freeze, holding your breath for 2-3 seconds, and from the "last forces" still stretch for a few centimeters, stretching your arm and leg. Do the same with the other side.

You can reach diagonally - the right hand and the left foot, the heel away from you, the toes to yourself and make the same movement with the left hand and right foot. I lasted only once and after all the twisting exercises I completed.

But, as I understood later, it was my biggest mistake from a lack of knowledge - you need to stretch the spine after each exercise! This way the stricken nerve is released much faster and the pain passes faster. As they say, knowledge comes with experience.

From the first time, it may not be possible to “hold out” these centimeters a little, but gradually, over time, you will easily do it. But you must be sure to stretch, freezing for a few seconds at the extreme points.

What is this for? When you hang, for example, on the horizontal bar - the vertebrae try to stretch as much as possible, but they are not allowed to do this with the muscles and ligaments attached to the vertebrae.

When you stretch lying on the floor, all these muscles and ligaments are relaxed and the effect of such an extension is maximum! Thus, you gradually stretch your entire ligamentous apparatus, as well as the vertebrae relative to each other.

To get rid of pain and hernia - more often do exercises to stretch the spine. These exercises relax the compressed muscles with hernias and protrusions, the restrained nerve is released, and the pain in the lumbar is faster.



- any disease in the acute period;
- the presence of osteoporosis;
- violation of blood circulation in the brain and spine.
- advanced age (over 60-65 years);
- diseases of the spine;
- cancer;
- urolithiasis;


Video. Crocodile Exercises


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